The Unforgivable Me…..


The darkness surrounds me!

Suffocating, choking, unrelenting!

Can’t escape its grip,

Forever a prisoner of my sinful acts, forever trapped!

In the total dismal abyss of my guilt I reach up,

God help me,

But why, I am unforgiveable!

Wallowing in my despair, can’t breathe, no air!

Leave me here Lord, I deserve my pain,

For the things I have done, my soul is stained!

Leave me in the hell I have made!

From the darkness He tears open the veil!

The light, so bright, so perfect!

I strain to see, yet I see so clearly.

As He reaches down and lifts me up,

I feel Hope, despair is fading.

He embraces me like I’ve never been held before!

The darkness has vanished!

The pain has disappeared!

My Lord saved me, the moment He was pierced!

My prison was not of His doing, but of mine!

I just had to seek His face, which is so divine!

He was always there, I just turned away.

My pain was His pain,

when He suffered on that Good Friday!

I tried to fix me, I tried to play His part!

As He held me He gently whispered in my ear,

Child, I never left your side,

you have nothing to fear.

Your failures are nothing new to me,

Your shame is not your cross to bear.

Don’t ever believe the prince of the air,

when he tells you that I don’t care.

The moment you were born,

I knew the things you would do,

All you had to do is look for me,

REPENT, and I will make you NEW!

You say you are unforgivable, that is a lie Satan wants you to believe,

I forgave you the moment, the moment you first believed!

© Martin Ebel, 2019 (Contact me for use permission)

6 thoughts on “The Unforgivable Me…..

    1. Stu,
      I am humbled brother, thank you for the encouragement. It really got me really prayerfully looking at receiving praise in our lives… I struggle with receiving praise, it makes me feel uncomfortable. But, when given in the light of Grace, who am I to shy away from getting “props” from a brother who truly knows the source of the gifts that we are using; we point to the Father!


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